Swing cranes

A swing crane is the ideal lifting equipment for tasks that require repetitive lifting within a limited space. The AL-LIFT swing cranes can be either column mounted, wall mounted or floor mounted. These options make it possible for you to choose exactly the type of mounting best suited for the location where you want your swing crane to be placed. Furthermore, the reach of the different cranes varies. It is therefore essential that you choose a machine with sufficient reach for the task that you swing crane is intended for.

Our swing cranes come with either a vacuum system, or with electrical hoist. Lifting capacity varies (1000 Kgs. for our top model). Which system, and which lifting capacity you need depends on the items that need to be handled. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you take these variables into consideration, before deciding on which swing crane to buy.

Explore our range of swing cranes at this page and see the product specification at the pages of the individual products. See also our range of jib cranes.

Swing cranes for various industrial purposes

Regardless of whether you need to lift 10 kgs. Or 1000 kgs, the swing crane is ideal for industrial businesses where workpieces need to be handled within a limited space. This is due to the fact that swing cranes are mounted either on the floor, on a column, etc., which, of course, makes it impossible to move the swing crane around. A swing crane can help relieve your employees of physical strain, reducing the risk of work-related injuries. Using a swing crane can improve job satisfaction among your employees and reduce sickness absence in your work force. Furthermore, the efficiency of your business is enhanced, enabling you to save money in the long run, and become more competitive.

In case you are looking for other types of lifting equipment, you may want to take a closer look at our lifting and handling equipment for industrial purposes. There, you will, among other things, find lifting equipment for forklift trucks, which makes it possible to transport heavy material over longer distances than would be possible with a swing crane.

At AL-LIFT, we are always prepared to help and guide you

At AL-LIFT, we provide lifting equipment for industrial purposes, as well as for the construction business. Our machines come with many different specifications, and It is not always obvious which machines is best suited for a certain type of tasks. At AL-LIFT, we are always at your service, with help and guidance. In case you have further questions, feel free to contact us by telephone: +4597101074, or by e-mail: sales@al-lift.com

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