Handling goods that involve heavy lifting is a challenge for employees in the transport and logistics industry. Often theres a risk of injury to the back, shoulders and legs.

The Danish transport and logistics giant Frode Laursen has purchased AL-Pack Truck Uno El and AL-Pack Mobile BAT to help employees lift heavy items.

“Throughout the process, AL-LIFT has been very collaborative and solution-oriented. They have helped us find the right solution, as well as customized the units to suit our needs.” Explains Stefan Maagaard, who is Development Manager at Frode Laursen A/S and elaborates: “We chose AL-LIFT because they had nice references and because they seemed to be “nerdy” about their products”

“We are very pleased with the units, which have been well received by our employees, and from the very first day they have experienced that they do not feel so worn out when going home. At the same time, we have not experienced a decrease in efficiency, which we had feared as employees now have energy throughout the whole day.” Says Allan Thorup, warehouse manager at Frode Laursen A/S.


Vennelyst engineering and conctruction business

Vennelyst is a Danish construction company with over 60 years of experience in the industry. They perform contracting tasks for business and private. The contracting company has 150 employees working all over Denmark, where they solve all cases and tasks within the construction industry. No task is too big or too small, and they are all beeing handled quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Vennelyst is a modern contracting company that has the latest machinery that the industry requires. AL-LIFT was therefore a natural choice when Vennelyst was to upgrade the machinery. Here they found the solution with AL-BLAZER 2000, which is ideal for fast and accurate handling and laying of tiles, concrete curbs and other items up to 200 kg.

Find more information about AL-BLAZER 2000 here

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