Cranes with chain hoist

A swing crane is an indispensable lifting device when working within a defined area and with repetitive lifting. Even more indispensable is investing in a crane with a crank arm, as the crank arm allows objects to be handled in the narrow areas. We at AL-LIFT have a wide selection of cranes with crankshaft that can be used in many different industries and companies where items need to be lifted and handled.

With a crane swing crane, lifting conditions are reliable and secure, and the precise handling of objects by the crank arm relieves your and your employees’ tasks and reduces the risk of injury in connection with work. Take a look at our selection of cranes with crankshaft and see which one you need for your workplace. We sell our AL-TELECRANE and AL-GOLDDIGGER in several different models. We also have a selection of swing cranes without a crank arm, if this fits your work tasks better.

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