Lifting equipment for Industry

In order to minimize heavy lifting and optimize the workflow on daily basis in the industy, we have developed a number of machines for these specific purposes. That is why we have a larger selection of lifting equipment for the industry, where you can find everything from swing cranes to traverse cranes, lifting gear for trucks etc.

Explore our selection on the website and see if you can find the machinery you need in your business . The choice of machine obviously depends on your materials and handling tasks. If you are unsure which machine that will handle these tasks the best, you are always welcome to contact us – we will guide you towards choosing the right machine. 

With the right lifting gear for industrial work, everyday work becomes much easier! That is why we develop lifting equipment for various handling tasks in the industrial environment. For example, do you need a product that can be mounted on a truck, and with just one machine you can both lift and transport heavy items? Then we have a larger selection of different lifting equipment for trucks. Here it is all about choosing the one you need for the material to be handled by you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for lifting equipment that can handle the same tasks within a defined area, we recommend that you take a closer look at our range of cranes. Here you can find both cranes with and without cranks. All swing cranes come with either column mounting, wall mounting or floor mounting. Again, your choice of crane will depend to a large extent on the material you have to handle.

Of course, we also have other lifting gear for industry, and if you are looking for lifting equipment for larger steel and wood boards, you will also find different lifting yokes so you can handle them effortlessly. Therefore, please look into our selection and contact us if you have any questions or would like to look into specific products. We can be contacted on either phone +45 97 10 10 74 or email


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Tile lifters
Glass lifters
Vacuum lifters for cranes
Heavy lifts up to 30 tons
Clamp tools for the construction business


Mobile solutions
Swing cranes
Cranes with chain hoist
Lifting yokes
Industrial Manipulator
Bridge crane systems
Flexmover Original
Flexmover Terra
Flexmover 90G

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