AL-BUTLER 200 is easy to use:


  • Suspension to crane or excavator in the Ø35 mm lifting eye
  • Start the vacuum pump on the control panel
  • Use the manual slide valve for suction and release of load
  • Adequate vacuum pressure has been achieved when acoustic warning signal turns off (Manometer -0,6 Bar) and the load can be lifted.

The quick coupler allows change of suction pad in a few minutes. A wide assortment of various sizes is available from stock on request.

AL-BUTLER 200 is equipped with a safety system consisting of manometer and acoustic warning signal and is powered by a built-in battery, that can be recharged with the 220->12V battery charger included

Extra equipment

  • Handles and extension pieces for two-man handling/operation
  • Radio controlled suction / release of load

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    Lifting capacity200 kg at -0,8 bar

    The lifting capacity depends on the suction plate used.
    See more under accessories
    Width total
    Capture Height300 mm
    Depth total 210 mm
    Height total240 mm
    Lifting eyeØ 35 mm
    Dead weight15 kg (excl. suction cup)
    Vacuum pump Capacity1,95 m3/hour
    Security System
    1) Vacuum meter
    Acoustic signal and visual alarm at low vacuum


    Extra arms with extra suction cups for increased lifting capacity and working pattern for better handling of large panels.

    Steering lever

    Steerings lever incl. steering pole is used with extention (look under 'accessories') for easy and exactly interpretation of pavers.

    Suction cups – Heavy lifting

    The complete suction cup consists a suction plate mounted on a black rupper ring vulcanized with 40x20 mm orange...

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