Clamp tools for the construction business

Clamp tools are ideal for handling slabs, kerbstones, tombstones and many other items. At AL-LIFT, you will, therefore, find a wide range of clamp tools for the construction business. WE have tools for lighter and heavier lifts alike. Which one to choose? That depends on the tasks that your employees need to carry out.
Among our smaller models, you will find a slab remover capable of lifting slabs with a diameter of up to 36 cm, and with a lifting capacity of up to 20 kgs. We also have a pair of kerbstone scissors, with a max. lifting capacity of 150 kgs., likewise with a grip width of 36 cm. Both models are hand held, which makes them well suited for smaller and lighter construction tasks.
For larger and heavier tasks, we offer to models, which both need to be handled with a crane. One is our AL-350 AUT, which has a max. lifting capacity of 350 kgs. The other is our AL-600 AUT with a max. Lifting capacity of 600 kgs. And a wider grip. Which one to choose? That depends on the size and weight of the workpieces.


Apart from taking into consideration which clamp tool is best suited for the task at hand, it is also essential to consider the well-being of employees. Using the correct tools lightens the burden of the daily work considerably, and backs and joints are spared unnecessary wear and tear. However, these two things often go together, so that choosing the correct tool for the task at hands also means improving the work environment for employees.
Furthermore, a vacuum lifter may be the ideal tool for gently and effective laying of slabs, since it secures good suction to many different kinds of surfaces. This makes it highly suitable for handling porous workpieces. However, lifting capacity varies a great del from one machine to the other, so it is essential that you choose the one best suited for the task at hand.

AT AL-LIFT, we are always prepared to help and guide you

It is not always obvious which machines is best suited for a certain type of task. At AL-LIFT, we are always at your service,with help and guidance. Information regarding the technical specifications of the machines can be found at our website, or in our product catalogues. In case you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact as, either by telephone: +4597101074, or via e-mail:

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