Lifting capacity of model shown 6000 kg 

Delivered according to customer request in different sizes, depending on plate size, lifting capacity etc.

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    The AL-MEGAVAC 6T has a 10 meter main boom with 14 loosely suspended suction cups, ensuring correct suction on the steel plates every time

    The suction cups on the AL-MEGAVAC are 600×300 mm in size and are distributed on the 10 meter long main boom. All suction cups are fitted with shut-off taps so that long and short steel plates can be handled.

    The vacuum lifter’s vacuum pump is powered by 3x400V, 50Hz, with a safety system consisting of both acoustic alarm and visual (red flash lamp) at low vacuum pressure. The suction and release are controlled with the radio controlled remote control, which allows the operator to handle the lift remotely.

    AL-MEGAVAC is offered configured according to customer requirements in different sizes, depending on plate dimensions, lifting capacity, etc.
    The model shown has a lifting capacity of 6000 kg with a lifting height up to 2000 mm.

    Easy to use:
    Place the suction cups on the steel plate
    Start the vacuum pump (requires 3x400V) with the start button
    Activate vacuum
    Lift with the electric hoist and move the steel plate
    Place the steel plate at the destination
    Deactivate vacuum

    If you need greater lifting capacity we can recommend AL-MEGAVAC 24 TONS

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    Tile lifters
    Glass lifters
    Vacuum lifters for cranes
    Heavy lifts up to 30 tons
    Clamp tools for the construction business


    Mobile solutions
    Swing cranes
    Cranes with chain hoist
    Lifting yokes
    Industrial Manipulator
    Bridge crane systems
    Flexmover Original
    Flexmover Terra
    Flexmover 90G

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