Lifting capacity 450 kg

With remote control
Lifts the item 3.02 meters in height
Hydraulic steering
4 pieces suction cups
Adjustable turning head

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    Glassmover 450 is a small, powerful and flexible glass lift that can transport and mount window sections.
    This machine is available in 3D version or with elevator (TE) and comes standard with radio control
    remote control, 4 pcs. suction cups (glass) & adjustable swivel head (manual).

    Glassmover 450 allows it for only one man to mount large windows and heavy items up to 450kg.
    In addition, the vacuum lifter can easily mount in rooms with a small working radius or in places that have narrow access conditions.

    Glassmover 450 lifts the workpiece up to 3.02 meters in height.
    The glass lifter has hydraulic control, which gives great flexibility and control as well as optimal control using remote control
    The machine is self-propelled in most types of terrain and has a low center of gravity.
    In addition, built-in telescopic arm and elevator head.

    The hydraulic 3D head ensures:
    • turning the boom head on both sides to narrow passages
    • lift from horizontal position (50 cm underground)
    • Swing subject to +180 degrees for both sides
    • tilting back and forth of the boom head
    • hydraulic side change
    • Side displacement for both sides of telescopic boom: 20 cm

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