The AL-GLASS 800 is suspended to existing hoist or crane systems in the ø50 mm lifting eye for vertical or horizontal handling.

Very easy to use:

  • Place suction pads against the glass/window
  • Activate vacuum pump and engage vacuum by sliding manual slide valve
  • Elevate the load with the hoist and move it to the location wanted
  • Release load by sliding manual slide valve again

AL-GLASS 800 is totally free from cables and works on the built-in battery with capacity for many hours of operation. Batteries are recharged with the battery charger (included) from 220v->12v

Extra Equipment

Radio controlled suction / release of load

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    Lifting capacity:
    800 kg
    Suction cups:6 pcs
    Width total:1100 mm
    Depth total:678 mm
    1000 mm
    Height total:500 mm
    Weight:48 kg
    Service conditions:12V with charger from 240V/9A
    Security system:Dual-circuit vacuum system acc EN13155
    Other:Manuel tilt 90°
    Manuel rotation 360°
    Manuel dual-circuit for ansug/slip of two-handed weight

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    Tile lifters
    Glass lifters
    Vacuum lifters for cranes
    Heavy lifts up to 30 tons
    Clamp tools for the construction business


    Mobile solutions
    Swing cranes
    Cranes with chain hoist
    Lifting yokes
    Industrial Manipulator
    Bridge crane systems
    Flexmover Original
    Flexmover Terra
    Flexmover 90G

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