Flexmover 90G

At the construction site, the transport of heavy and unwieldy building materials is a known factor.

As this is a major threat to the working environment, the Labor Inspectorate recommends that building materials over 20 kg be moved or transported with mechanical aids. Here, Flexmover 90G will be your faithful companion.

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    The Flexmover 90G is the latest shot on the stem of the Flexmover family. The Flexmover 90G shares DNA with our original Flexmover, but the Flexmover 90G has greater flexibility, as the charge can be tilted 90 ° when plasterboard and other building materials need to be loaded by the wagon.

    The Flexmover 90G can be tipped with up to 46 drywalls, where the carriage has a max. lifting capacity of 800 kg.

    Like its predecessor, the Flexmover 90 G is easy to maneuver and runs easily on uneven surfaces. It has a robust design that withstands the dust of the construction site and withstands light rain.

    The wagon is equipped with a modern electric motor that gives a propulsion of 3-6 km / h and with continuous use the battery capacity is up to 4 hours.

    Fully loaded, the Flexmover 90G can accelerate up to 6 ° and has wheels rotating on the front and rear axles at the same time (round steering), where the wheels are foam-filled and thus point-free. Therefore, as the work progresses, the carriage is easily moved around the construction site.

    Use the Flexmover 90G with Moverstation and Movertrolley for the most optimal handling solution.

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