A-PACK MOBILE BAT is a detachable battery driven vacuum lifting system for contra burden trucks for easy and effective order picking. AL-PACK MOBILE BAT is an independent unit that is completely independent from the trucks electrical system.

It is mounted within seconds, the contra burden trucks’s forks is forced into the fork elements on the AL-PACK MOBILE BAT, mount and lock in the locking panel and the unit is ready to be used. Standard with battery for three hours continued use (around six hours’ operational use).

Order picking which involves heavy lifting is a challenge for operators within the industry who often risks strains and injuries on shoulders, back and legs.

  • Heavy lifts are handled without physical strain
  • Integrated system for secure, easy and quick handling
  • Handling of different types of materials and items with a variety of suction pads

Quick and easy change of suction pad without using tools

Lifting capacity: 50 kg
Reach: 2500 mm radius, 5000 mm diameter
Total height: 2750 mm
Transport height: 2000 mm
Lifting height: 1500 mm from floor to suctionhead
Rotation: 360°
Manuel armlock
Standard with battery for 3 hours continuous working
Painted export (arm RAL3020 red og column RAL 7021 grey)
Can be used on both sides of the truck
For other dimensions - contact us on: eller telefon +45 9710 1074