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Here, you will find our range of glass lifters for different tasks, and with different lifting capacities. All our window lifters are vacuum powered, with max. lifting capacities of 400, 600 and 800 kgs., respectively. Which one you should choose depends on the nature of the tasks at hand, of course.
The glass lifters are attached to a piece of construction machinery. Different machines for different glass lifters. All our glass lifters have one thing in common: They are designed to spare your employees the heavy lifting. Thus, the glass lifters do the hard work, but manual guidance may be need when the glass is being installed. This does not require physical strength, only a steady hand.


A glass lifter ensures legal handling of smaller and larger windows alike. It makes it possible for one person to handle the windows, while still complying with the demands of the Danish Working Environment Authority. This makes the window lifter effective, while it also spares you the hard work.
As mentioned, your choice of window lifter should depend on the nature of the tasks that you need to perform. For example, our AL-GLASS 400 has a compact, flat design, which makes it possible to work behind scaffolding. Furthermore, it has manual 360-degree rotation, like some of our other glass lifters. Our AL-GLASS 800 has twice the lifting capacity, but it cannot rotate 360 degrees. On the other hand, it can be lifted vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, this window lifter has suction cups that can be adjusted according to the size of the window.
We offer a range of vacuum lifters specifically designed for handling glass. When looking for a machine for handling windows, the issue of flexibility should certainly be taken into consideration. Our AL-GLASS 600 is a highly flexible machine, due to its ability to rotate 360 degrees.
In addition to the two models mentioned above, we also have other window lifters here at the website. Information regarding the technical specifications of the machines can be found at our website, or in our product catalogues. In case you are looking for other professional equipment for the construction business, you will also find it here. Among other things, we offer a wide range of slab removers and various clamp tools, etc.


It is not always obvious which glass lifter is best suited for a certain type of task. At AL-LIFT, we are always at your service, with help and guidance. Information regarding the technical specifications of the machines can be found at our website, or in our product catalogues. In case you have further questions, feel free to contact us by telephone; +4597101074, or by e-mail:

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