AL-PACK MOBILE is a removable vacuum hose lifting system for counterbalance for easy and efficient order picking.
AL-PACK MOBILE is available in two versions:

AL-PACK MOBILE BAT vacuum lifter with integrated 24V battery for 4 hours continuous operation = approx. a working day => acts as an independent unit that is completely independent of the truck’s electrical system.

AL-PACK MOBILE vacuum lifter for connection directly to the truck’s power supply 24V or 48V

Easy to operate:

  • Slide the forks of the truck into the fork brackets of AL-PACK MOBILE
  • Connect the power plug from the vacuum lifter to the power plug,
    located at the fork carriage (power cord must be connected to the truck)
  • Secure the locking pins behind the forks
  • Press the green button on the electrical control box
  • Vacuum pump starts
  • Release the latch
  • Grasp the vacuum suction head
  • Place it on the surface of the load
  • Adjust the height by pressing the handle