Lifting capacity 40 kg

Working range 360 °
Range: Diameter 6000 mm

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Traditional roofing is hard physical work, with several men crawling on their knees and doing heavy lifting.
There is a great risk of injury on bag, shoulders and knees.

As the only ones, AL-LIFT has developed AL-TAGVAC. A vacuum lifter that helps you lay roofs in an easy and ergonomic way. The flexible control handle ensures ergonomically correct position when working on roofs.

With AL-TAGVAC, you can handle many roof plates a day without feeling any bag pain. The work area is 5 roofs in a row at a time.

AL-TAGVAC roof plate vacuum lifters can be used on all types of telescopic loaders.

AL-TAGVAC are able to handle B6 and B9 roof panels, where the pallet with roof panels is on the telescopic lift pallet fork, and is thus on top of the roof.

The suction cups are mounted in a loose suspension system so that they easily adapt to the roof panels.

Parking rack included.

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